“Give English a Chance” comic

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This comic’s main concept is centered around a reluctant student who is forced to do work for their English class. Once they give the material a chance, they start to realize all the knowledge they have to earn from it. They may be done the large tests they had to do for the class but the information and knowledge they have gainedĀ still exists inside them and will continue to help them grow as an individual.

This was one of my first attempts at making a comic strip. I made this for my twelve grade Advance Placement English class. ForĀ our anthology project, we had to do a creative piece. I decided to do a comic for my creative piece since I wanted to gain more experience in creating comic strips. My piece incorporated many of the books we had read in that class and the Charlie Brown idea that adults speak a different language than children. As we grow up, our application, hand like gestures are formulated into words so that we can communicate with those around us. I also played with the idea that for a child, adults are like a different yet similar species to a child. A child is better off being surrounded people they know and children their age: they do not fully grasp the adult lifestyle and therefore a teacher is almost an alien concept to them until it becomes a part of their every day life.