“Press Start to BGN” 2016/2017 postcard

NITW Press Start to BGN 2017
Since my radio group and I had our last recording of the year this Tuesday, I decided to make a small postcard poster of our group. Since a lot of us loved the new game Night in the Woods, I decided to create a year end poster depicting us all in the animal style of the game.
“Press Start to BGN” is a talk show that discusses news in gaming, new game releases, host opinions on games and what games the hosts have been playing throughout the week.
Artwork done in Photoshop.


Undertale Cards

For my first year 2D and 3D design class, we were instructed to make four cards and a backing of a card deck. I decided to do Tarot cards based on the four child characters Frisk, Chara, Monster Kid and Asriel from the game Undertale. Made in Adobe Illustrator.



A picture of an amethyst made using washable markers, copic alcohol based markers and a white gel pen.


Off “Minuit a Fond la Caisse” song cover

OFF CD Cover

Last year, one of my class projects was to create an album cover for an artist we liked. I really love the soundtrack from the game Off and decided to design a cover based on the song “Minuit a Fond la Caisse” which is played during the boss fight against Japhet. I wanted to make Japhet look like he was in motion and keep the skin of Valerie on his head like he does in the fight. Done using traditional inks and Photoshop.


“They’re All Leaving.”

I did this piece during grade twelve for a potential 8tracs cover. I really love the video game Oxenfree and the concept the game presented to players. I wanted to capture the moment of Alex saying that all of her friends, including her, would be leaving Edwards Island but to a knowing player, they know that statement is a lie that Alex cannot come to terms with.


“Reflection of Perception”

hunter_davies_mirrorThis a traditional piece I did based on the concept of girl who sees the vivid and colourful life she lives as dull and grey, therefore preserving everything around her in a monochromatic colour scheme.


Armadillo Gardener

An armadillo gardener. My personal icon. I’ve always loved the concept of an armadillo doing gardening so I turned the concept into my personal brand.